Vanessa Matthews

Ambassador appointed in 2018

Vanessa Matthews has since 2003 been delivering business support and consultancy interventions to SME’s,  corporate firms and larger well known and household names across the UK, Germany, Jamaica and Australia. Vanessa Matthews truly endorses the Global in Black Links Global.

Vanessa Matthews matches her global travels with a client range that spans micro businesses in specialist sectors to line managers of global organisations such as Clifford Chance, UBS and The Bank of England and the UN.

Her skillset includes the co-design of a communication module of a MBA Management Development Programme for a global logistics company and Warwick University. 

As a Cognitive Behaviour Coach she has delivered numerous coaching interventions on employability, work-life-balance and wellbeing.  Where she is proficient at Project delivery she excels at public speaking at the KPMG Carers Forum and a panel speaker at the House of Commons.

Vanessa has combined direct business and advisory experience, delivering on design and HR and psychological solutions within career management, development, recruitment, selection, learning, development and leadership.

With both a creative and an analytical mind-set, she has managed large scale resourcing projects and designed complex assessment and development exercises for both senior level and client facing staff.

What Vanessa brings is a knowledge of taking complex situations and making them simple across a variety of different situations that a team of competent people would struggle to match.

Alongside her business and corporate experience, Vanessa is passionate about the community including challenging unemployment through entrepreneurship, ethnic minority mental health, and mentoring amongst numerous local matters. As a heart-centred practitioner she regularly offers pro-bono contributions to existing and embryonic ideas. 

She embraces the strategy for self or combined backed initiatives based self-reliance and community generated wealth and resourcing.

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