The story of Black Links Global is one of an organisation born of necessity that endured and flourished because of the people who recognised its need . The history of Black Links began officially in 1999 and has continued to grow in strength into the present day.


The Black Links publication was founded in 1999 and is now in its second decade. The history is presented in the past directories and eMagazine . It is now re-launched as Black Links United Kingdom with its online business directory and an offline Directory 2016/17 published as a business and consumer magazine. Additionally, there is a series of 6 themed iMagazines that accompany the Directory.

The Black Links mission:

• To provide information to serve the Black community. • To promote the economic development of the community. • To encourage networking in the community. • To serve as a bridge to the community at large. • To bring success to the heart of the Black community. • To provide an atmosphere where success can be developed. Black Links has received endorsement and support from Prime Ministers, Members of Parliament, Heads of Government Departments and Leaders of Corporate and Business Sectors. It profiled our Business High Flyers and amassed tens of thousands of black owned businesses highlighting the entrepreneurialism that exists amongst us.


The momentum behind Black Links continues with new businesses coming on board. Through affiliations, joint ventures, collaborations and partnerships there are plans to provide value added benefits to both members and the community. Providing members with access to affordable advertising is a means of creating public awareness and acquiring customers. Providing a point where the public can access black owned businesses and organisations taking advantage of technology and maximizing consumer buying opportunities.

Comments, compliments and criticism are never ignored and good ideas are taken on board. Where advantage can be obtained through economies of scale we will seek to capitalise on this. The Coordinating Council exists to support this by helping and encouraging sectors to form umbrella organisations. This initiative is a for-us-by-us initiative.


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