Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Who controls Black Media

What is the Black Community saying

Independent Black Media

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The power of media is around us on a daily basis whether its TV, radio, magazines, websites, podcasts or online videos. According to research the average US adult spends about 12 hours and 7 minutes a day consuming media. Subsequently, when it comes to Black media we’ve seen a switch from Black-owned media to Black targeted media.

Black-Owned Media United      

For so long the black community at home and around the world has been the target of media not owned by black people. This can be found with many publications such as Huntington Post who’ve created Black Voices to appeal to Black audiences, the Jamaican Gleaner , who are now owners of, The Voice Newspaper (which services the UK) was originally owned by Jacob and Joshua deCordova,  the family who founded The Gleaner has been represented on the board of directors of the company by the Ashenheim family.  Later Oliver F. Clarke joined The Gleaner, accepting an invitation to do so by then-Chairman Leslie Ashenheim. Hon.  Oliver F. Clarke, OJ, JP, BSc. (Econ), FCA, Hon. LLD is the Chairman and largest shareholder of a media empire that serves a black community across Jamaica and the UK. Some of the biggest names in black media today actually are owned by corporate titans. The most notable example is BET, which founder Bob Johnson sold to Viacom for $3 billion in 2000. Then there’s Essence: Time Warner’s publishing arm took full ownership of the legacy brand in January 2005. The much loved radio station Choice FM , co=owner Patrick Berry has replied to those who say Choice FM’s demise  was signalled in the day he and his business partner Neil Kenlock sold the station to Capital/Global Radio and history has shown what has happened as a result is calculated and results in the loss of a resource that has value for its beneficiaries, the black community.

What examples of media that specifically targets the black community do you know, answers below?

These examples show who owns the media that targets the black community. Because of the power of the influence of media on the people it touches and its profitable nature there is a cruel, callous and compulsive motivation to acquire successful black owned media by media moguls and the dangerous, decisive, depressing decision to sell by the black owner.

The full story of the effect of media on the black community remains a taboo subject and any comments on this are appreciated (below).

However, social media has allowed new voices to gain access to audiences who in the past they could never reach. This has caused somewhat of a resurgence of independent Black media by giving them the opportunity to be heard even without corporate backing. Today there are numerous Black media who not only speak truth to power, but educate their audience on information and issues facing the Black community, provide music and entertainment, and act as the network of news and current events. We at Media United are focused on finding those media owners that access the Black community in a positive way and directing consumers to spend with them.

Please provide the name and email address of any media owners you know (below) and we will do the rest.


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