Thursday, October 29, 2020

Black Business Success

Nana Yaw Bediako an example of black business excellence

Nana Yaw Bediako is an example of  black business excellence

Born in Ghana and raised in London, he has managed to build an empire for himself and not just any empire but a real estate empire called Wonder World Estates. He started selling scrap metal and with a natural entreprenerial drive that exists amongst young ambitious people who when given a chance and opportunity they go on to do multiple things. Nana Yaw Bediako moved on to renting, selling, buying and now building 14 to 43 apartment blocks.

So far he has notable buildings in Ghana like Lincoln Avenue, Kwarleyz and a lot more of them in development. His specialty is tall buildings in prime areas of Accra. He buys, builds and develops buildings with an European touch. Nana Kwame is currently building a whole artificial city in Takoradi called Petronia City.

Watch the video below of how Nana Yaw Bediako is making it big in the real estate business in Ghana.

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