Diagrammatic Representation of the Black Links Organisation

Structure and Organisation
Divisional Areas


Black Links is a charitable co-operative enterprise of interconnected but autonomous business structures that form the platform of services. The centerpiece is its ethos. The ethos is to ‘give back’ ownership to the people responsible for the growth and development. This is achieved via the voting and revenue vested in our connectors who are independent introducers of the business and organisations, which form the Black Links membership worldwide. This is a reverse of the traditional top-down corporate hierarchy. Black Links is composed of 7 divisional areas; each one is its own business structure, namely: Membership, Events, Promotions/Competitions, Marketplace, Publications, Connectors and Community. Each structure functions within the framework of the overall operational strategy, and the operational strategy is in line with the policies established by the Mission Statement and Vision.

The 7 Divisional Areas

The divisional areas are business structures that each are co-operatives that form part of the greater co-operative. This is the network of inter-connected but autonomous business structures that form the platform of services.

This can be FREE (BASIC member) or paid (ENHANCED member) with a premier level membership (for Elite Positions within Corporate and Government organisations) coming on stream.

Events platform is a global place for live experiences that allows people to find and create events and sell tickets.

Anyone can submits a Promotion, Competition or Special Offer which is then promoted via the various media networks including mass email to the 1000’s of members and posting across the social networks that stretch throughout the entire world

The Marketplace is used to sell products and services online to anyone in the world.

Black Links United Kingdom has an online business directory and an offline version published as a business and consumer magazine. Additionally, there is a series of 6 themed iMagazines that accompany the directory.

The mission of the Black Links Connector Program is to connect black owned businesses organisations and people worldwide under an umbrella that can be accessed by consumers globally.

Black Links Community lets black professionals and individuals start creating profiles, posting messages, making connections, creating groups, and much more. A social network for the black community to talk, inform and share. Build your business, discover articles, advice, and support for your business.

Revenue In and Out

The majority of the revenue derived from the Black Links business structures is immediately paid out to the people responsible for the growth and development of Black Links. These people are the Connectors , to register go to the Connectors Area. Connectors make black business owners and organisations aware of Black Links products and services, connecting them to other business owners and the consumer community globally.

The connectors are usually very enterprising individuals or organisations. By inviting business owners to visit Black Links connectors receive immediate reward. Connecting helps in the growth and development as these businesses tap into the products and services offered. Black Links infrastructure engages with new and existing businesses, they use the platform of services; this helps the business to build on success.

Connectors benefit by introducing and inviting businesses and organisations on board; they operate using their connector’s account and a unique tracking system that rewards the connector who invited the business. This is uniting the black business community as Black Links grows locally, nationally and internationally.

The next organisational level is operational management. Management is necessary to co-ordinate and administrate all the existing business structures. The Black Links online portal provides 90% of the unseen operational side but human intervention takes care of the rest. Coordination of business structures by managers has resource and operational support and up to 30% of the revenue in is reserved for the managers and their team.

Additional business structures are created via affiliations, associations and joint ventures with individuals and organisations that operate to the benefit of the membership and the community. Black Links actively encourages and supports these initiatives. Financial as well as operational support is available as the initiative becomes self-sustaining and commercially viable.

Managers act to support the Black Links Mission and Vision and can exist anywhere in the world. The arrangement is agreed along conventional contractual and legally binding principles and where possible the adoption of a charitable co-operative business structure that is interconnected but autonomous is encouraged. This is creating and supporting economic prosperity across the black business community globally.

Black Links has a global expansion program that is underway. It requires fully functional operations that are compliant with statutory and regulatory authorities in different jurisdictions worldwide. There exists a Governing Council whose responsibility it is to oversee this important area. This is a non-revenue producing structure for which provision is made and revenue is reserved.


Co-operative bodies
Board of Trustees: this is the supreme body in the co-operative and is the vehicle for expressing the spiritual, cultural, social, economical, financial, and historical will of the trust, acting in the best interests of all members. Trustees are invited to take up appointment and operate in a non-salaried capacity. Recommendations often follow previous tenure within the Governing Council.

Governing Council: the representative and governing body of the co-operative. Members are elected annually. Their role and purpose is to action the remit of the trustees in accordance with the Black Links Mission Statement and keep correct compliance with accounting principles, operational processes and any other areas which require consideration.

Management Council: this is the managerial and executive team that comprises the managers and managerial members, and is responsible for the executive management of the co-operatives and the overall operation and co-ordination of its business structures. Revenue and remuneration for any manager involved in any of the Black Links divisional areas is decided internally by the connectors and Trustees and can be up to 40% of net revenue in.

BUC Council: a consultative and decision making body, which represents members externally outside the co-operative. It is made up of the community leaders, business champions and role models of the black community who form a part of the organisation Building United Communities (BUC) at www.wetheunited.com. BUC members have and continue to play a pivotal role in the past, present and future of Black Links. Recruitment to management is often sort from the BUC members. BUC members derive no revenue from Black Links activities but are a partner organisation that provide and receive resources as a result. BUC members get to vote and impact on decisions made for the benefit of Black Links and its members.

Connectors Council: a consultative and decision making body, which represents members internally within the co-operative. It is made up of the people who help and earn in the growth, expansion and development of the Black Links and its 7 divisional areas. These people receive a generous reward for the part they play in connecting Black Links to its directory members which can be up to 60% of net revenue in. This is in keeping with the ethos of giving back. The Governing and Management Council look to connectors and their vote to make decisions within the organisation. Recruitment to management is often sourced from the connectors. Each connector can become a member of Management and the Governing Council.

What the Coordinating Council does?

Black Links provides a Coordinating Council that acts under the Governing Council to provide a service in managing and administrating the work necessary in developing the organisation and its operational structure, satisfying the regulatory compliance that enables the affiliations, associations, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, acquisitions, mergers and take-overs to be created and developed.

This is an initiative created to provide help in setting up umbrella organisations that allow individual members to mobilise their joined up effort. It starts with nominating people to 3 positions, Trustee, Coordinator and Connector. Whilst there can be as many people in these position without limits it starts with a least one. A person can have multiple roles.

The Trustee(s) role– Has fiduciary duties to act in the best interest of the members and overall control of the direction of the organisation. Together with the Coordinator, the position of Treasurer is maintained. This role has no remuneration.

The Coordinator role– Has to oversee the operational affairs, managing and administrating the organisation. This role carries out and supports the Trustee’s wishes in accordance with the organisations ethos. It may include the use of expert and professional services i.e. Treasurer, Product Purchaser, Accountants, Business Advisor, Commercial Solicitor, etc. These are remunerated positions.

The Connector role– Has the active role of building the membership and resources of the organisation. These are remunerated positions.

Black Links main role is in bringing the organisation into existence and then acting as a Connector in helping to build the resources and membership. For this to happen the basic requirements to be sent to admin@blacklinks.global are as follows:

  • The proposed name of the umbrella organisation
  • The names that will occupy the Trustee(s), Coordinator(s) and Connector(s) positions

The Trustee(s) will be provided with a draft of the necessary documents and once agreed, the organisations bank account will be arranged and the member’s financial contributions can now be pooled for spending. The organisation is now operational.

Why a Coordinating Council?

If black-owned businesses are to grow they must take advantage of collaborations, generate new products and services and keep pace with technology to expand their markets and make their businesses more effective. This is why the Coordinating Council exists.


black links connectors

Much has been said about addressing the need for black owned businesses to flourish in a climate that fosters equality for all and eradication of social injustice. The desire and ability to do this has always existed but the necessary platforms and support services that can assist have been woefully few. Black Links is the charitable co-operative enterprise of interconnected but autonomous business structures that exists to provide this platform for this purpose.

Enabling affiliations, associations, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, acquisitions, mergers and take-overs to be created and developed is key to economic growth and consolidating the strength that joint enterprise brings.

Black links encourages joint enterprises with other organisations and also supports initiatives between its members to collaborate and form joint enterprises with other businesses and organisations locally, nationally and internationally using its network.

The Coordinating Council provides the team of professionals who have expertise in assisting clients through several stages of the joint enterprise process: strategy development, partner selection, deal structure and operating implementation. We have found that alliances go wrong most frequently due to mishaps in the first stage of strategy development. You can expand your business by joining forces with another business. Successful co-operation can deliver:

  • more from joined-up resources
  • sharing of the managerial decisions
  • grouped pool of skills and expertise
  • larger contacts and customer base
  • increase in accessible markets
  • diversification of business revenue
  • organic growth using increased resources
  • reduced business risk