BLG Customer Care Membership

Benefits for you

BLG Customer Care Membership (BLGCM) is a dedicated client and customer acquisition and retention service, which helps and supports your business or organisation in its interaction with the local, national and global consumer community.

BLG Customer Care (BLGCC ) is able to mobilise the consumer community to support the members of Black Links Global in creating increased public awareness of your presence and the products, services and events that consumers can participate in and make purchase of.

This participation and purchasing is a show of support and is designed to translate into an increase in sales and turnover, for which you are asked to provide a discounted price to those who show support on production of a current their DISCOUNT & GRATUITY CARD.

If you recommend the DISCOUNT & GRATUITY CARD to your visiting patrons and global paying customers it is a great way to keep and build a relationship into the future. The goodwill of the business or organisation is an important asset that has value; if you can enhance this hidden value it can pay dividends.


BLG Discount + Gratuity Card

The BLG Customer Care service includes the DISCOUNT & GRATUITY CARD for your clients and consumers. When you offer your consumers % or fixed amount discounts on your products, services and events, this is the appreciated act, on your part, that results in reciprocal spending with you. This is the discount saving that the consumer community enjoys. But, the CARD offers more.

Because of the resources and revenue that exist under the Black Links Global Network , BLGCC has the ability to tap into these resources and indeed the Black Links Global revenue streams. This access and its benefits are applied to holders of the DISCOUNT & GRATUITY CARD. The benefits to the card holders are numerous and represent real value.

Benefits for patrons

Benefits for your patrons

1- A % or fixed amount discount on Products, Services and Events.

2- Preferential access to Promotions, Marketplace Benefits and Bargains.

3- Preferential access to Events and Entertainment.

4- Advance notification of BLG Revenue and Resources to tap into.

5- Mobilise the spending power of the consumer community

You and your business

1- You decide the discount to be applied against the products, services and events of your choice.

2- Window Signage Sticker displaying you as a BLG CUSTOMER CARE MEMBER

3- BLG Profile Page displaying you as a BLG CUSTOMER CARE MEMBER

4- The marketing, advertising and promotion of BLGCM highlights you as a member and directs card holders to patronise your business or organisation.

5- The BLG NETWORK is a powerful array of REVENUE & RESOURCES

Black Links Global

YOU are invited to share in the above array of revenue and resources that are shown. These products and services are purposely designed to benefit you and your business or organisation. The global enterprise and its global expansion happens at a local level and rewards individuals for their contribution in connecting the BLG Network with the consumer community. This business is under BLG Connections at and you are invited to come on-board this opportunity of connecting and sharing unity consciousness with all participants.

The BLG 

Connections Opportunity

BLG Connections offers the world’s biggest and most advanced revenue sharing and unification group that accesses the consumers of the commercial, corporate and government world of people of African descent.

With hundreds of thousands of BLG Members in over 200+ countries, we share the multiple revenue streams across the powerful BLG Network with you in real time. We really are bringing success to the heart of the community and causing social change. The 1st step is to get an account and then join your Connector or choose a team at the We The United- Connector Group.


Want to Collaborate, Connect and help build the Community?

1.   Join We The United at

2.   Join the group BLG Connectors Group and any others of your choice

3.   See the opportunities across the BLG Network and let’s get started….


It is a fact that retaining customers is more important than acquiring new ones. The reasons for this explains why this is the case:

  • About 82% of companies agree on the fact that retaining customers is actually much cheaper than acquiring new ones.
  • 80% of a company’s profits come from just 20% of the customers. The 80:20 rule!!
  • Increasing customer retention by just 5% will often boost profits by 25% to 95%.
  • The probability of selling to an existing customer is about 60-70%, a percentage which stays in the low 5-25% for new customers.
  • It’s true that an astonishing 75% of customers will support brands that offer rewards, and 56% of them will stay loyal to those companies that “provide them”.

With all these statistics in mind, it becomes crystal clear that having a DISCOUNT & GRATUITY CARD can play a key role in the retention of your customers, and that both customers, businesses and organisations can profit from reward cards in the long run.