Leadership & Direction


We The United (WTU) members are the true leaders of Black Links Global (BLG). They execute the strategic thinking in developing the BLG Network of Resources and its Revenue Streams. 

These business leaders, community champions, entrepreneurs, and role models are the people of African descent who together on the WTU networking platform deliver the resources, revenue and results for the benefit of the businesses, organisations of African descendants and the consumer community globally.


WTU members have taken the initiative to unite under a common goal. They are motivated to create social change and bring success to the heart of the community. The strategy is to harness our own resources and share these for the benefit of businesses, organisations and consumer community globally

We then financially empower the contributors and connectors who help us, and reward by sharing the revenue streams with them via our Black Links Global Connections program. In this way we support the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners to become leaders in their fields. This generation will bring about social change and success with the resources and revenue available.

Through WTU governing bodies, lay leaders and professional staff, the control, administration and operations of the ever-increasing scope of BLG activities are managed. This ensures that the highest standards of transparency and accountability are maintained throughout the organization. The most senior governing body is the Board of Trustees. The board is responsible for BLG policies, programs and budget. 

Black Links United Kingdom represents a cornerstone in the black community since its beginnings in 1999. The business started off as a Black Business Directory. The original owners sold the entity and it changed hands several times. There was a need to retain the business for the black community and so the strategic acquisition of Black Links UK and the intellectual property behind it was planned. When the opportunity arose the acquisition was finalised in 2005. With the asset acquired it was kept safe until the decision to re-launch it was made. Black Links United Kingdom was launched in 2015 and has exceeded all expectations. Black Links has now Global and provides the umbrella under which all the country branded Business and Consumer Directories exist. 

The new Black Links Global Network has a growing database of black owned businesses and organisations that wish to access the black community locally, nationally and internationally.

This Network includes Publications,  Advertising, Events Area, Marketplace and Business and Social Community and Connectors Area is built.

Black Links Global Network is being developed into a global phenomenon with the inclusion of some important factors:

  1. Black Links Global will exist to give back to the people who are responsible for its success. The Connectors/Introducers Program is the mechanism that delivers this to contributors worldwide.

  2. Black Links Global will be developed as an effective and powerful platform of resources that help its target audience of business owners and consumers from the African descent community globally.

  3. The organisational structure will be one of a cooperative which provides for our common economic, social, and cultural needs.


The task ahead is to build on the organisation’s achievements. This has been possible in going from strength to strength since the re-launch of Black Links United Kingdom in February 2015. The expansion program is one of establishing selective operations globally with the formal launch of the umbrella organisation Black Links Global. This growth will continue with additional country based directories coming on stream during 2019 onwards. 


The importance of getting this right is not to be underestimated. Not one, but two consultancy groups have been engaged to provide a report into the issues that Black Links going global entails looking at the past, present and future. The results are already in-hand and will be used to make decisions which are in keeping with the mission and members of Black Links. 


Black Links Global Connections proposes an operational model with a difference. It will based on its contributors through U Earn United and its Business Leaders playing a leading role and commitment to building and developing the Black Links Global Network organisation globally. 

We The United

Trustee of the Board of Trustees 

The Head Office of Black Links Global (BLG) is based in Maroon Town, Accompong, Jamaica, W.I. with all communications directed to No 2 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 5, St Andrews, Jamaica.