THE BLACK LINKS GLOBAL GROUP OF COMPANIES and affiliated organisations are an amalgamation of integrated but autonomous and independent entities that operate on national and international markets using co-operative methods in terms of their structure and operations.



BLACK LINKS is a business-based initiative that integrates the social, cultural and economic values by autonomous and independent entities, operating as a charitable cooperative and with a history that reaches back before its creation into a time when Africa (‘Afri’ and ‘ka’ meaning ‘land of burning souls’) was known as Meritah or Tahmeri ( meaning ‘beloved land’). It has been created for and by people of colour.

Black people are people of colour; the exactness is simplified to ‘melanin dominant people having afro hair’.


The Black Links Mission Statement

• To provide information to serve the black community.
• To promote the economic development of the community.
• To encourage networking in the community.
• To serve as a bridge to the community at large.
• To bring success to the heart of the black community.
• To provide an atmosphere where success can be developed.

Black Links has received endorsement and support from various Community Champions, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Role Models, Prime Ministers, Members of Parliament, Heads of Government Departments and Leaders of Corporate Sectors.

BLACK LINKS provides a platform to service and support the needs and nurture the excellence that exists in the spiritual, cultural, social, economical, financial, and historical presence that exists in our past, present and future generations.



We are a unified people, with a co-operative mindset spiritually who have a profitable, effective and enterprising business group operating across a global world; we wish to build a successful socio-business model, offering our global community a platform based on what our past generations have given us in their experiences, knowledge, enterprise, inter-cooperation, strategic partnerships, attracting, promoting and supporting the known talent we have in abundance; and we collectively generate sufficient resources and results to deliver on our mission and consequently provide sustainable development for our community.


Note: All words and notation are given the meaning and interpretation as ascribed by the trustee(s).