Daniel Damilola Nejo

Ambassador appointed in 2018

Endorsed by the UK Government as “A World Leading Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology” – Daniel Damilola Nejo is a young self-motivated entrepreneur.

With an MSc in Business Information Systems Management his academic qualifications are only exceeded by his wealth of knowledge and experience gained from creating innovative business initiatives and since 2013 the hub around which this business excellence exists is Presidential Ideas – a Digital Creative Agency which was started on his Grandmother’s dining table in Nigeria.

Mr Daniel Damilola Nejo was a young hustler from humble beginnings in Nigeria. He has evolved to become a self-made, uncompromising, aspiring entrepreneur who embodies success.

Independent evidence of his exceptional potential is demonstrated by his rise from one of the downtrodden to a “World Leading Exceptional Talent In The Digital Technology Industry” endorsed by the UK Government and recognised for his impact and work in the Digital Tech field and potential growth the UK Digital Economy.

Daniel’s potential was recognised and supported early by the team behind Black Links Global (BLG). BLG embraces this entrepreneurial flair and employed the skillset detailed below to create a formidable platform and honouring Daniel with a position as Head of Digital Technology.

Daniel Damilola Nejo recognised as Head of Digital Technology
  • Website Design & Development
  •  Strategy and Planning
  • Brand Identity Designer
  • Online Paid Ad & Media Expert / Digital Marketing
  • Insane Copywriter
  • Content Creator (Video & Text)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Agile Scrum Practitioner
  • Customer Experience
  • Business Intelligence
  • Photography/Video  &
  • Stand Up Comedian in front of the Mirror

A young hustler from humble beginnings in Nigeria with tremendous love for the hustle and giving businesses and brands an aesthetically pleasing image. A co-founder to amazing digital startups and Brand developer for numerous businesses in the UK and USA , Daniel’s academic and practical knowledge and experience combined with his potential to be ahead of the game makes him an ideal candidate to be appointed as a BLACK LINKS GLOBAL AMBASSADOR.



A thought leader, forward-thinking content creator and mentor to numerous young and aspiring entrepreneurs in the digital creative design field in Nigeria, Ghana and the UK Daniel’s remit includes the BLG initiative on Entrepreneurialism and Global Expansion.




Most of my readers might know that on May 23 2017, I got endorsed by the UK Government as an “Exceptional Talent” in digital Technology and this means a lot (I mean A LOT) to me because just after rounding up my MSc in London, I had to go back to Nigeria when my Visa expired and this endorsement was a golden ticket for me to return to London to continue working on my startups and business ideas I had whilst studying in London.

Getting recommended for endorsement as a “World Leading Exceptional Talent” by Tech Nation and being granted the visa and endorsement by the UK Government is not an easy thing to come by. Before you can get endorsed, you would need to show and prove that you are indeed a leader or potential leader in the field of digital technology and also the endorsement board will not just take your word for it, you need to also provide letters of recommendation from some top people in digital technology companies who run businesses that are internationally or nationally reputable and recognized.

Growing up, I never did what the normal kids do. I never drank alcohol or used drugs or even lit a cigarette. I have always been very forward thinking because of the kind of family I come from, I have always known that in order to get anything in life, I had to hustle and get it myself. I never believed in handouts, so I take my wins very seriously because of the hustle, blood and sweat that has gone into making them a reality.

When I got endorsed in 2017, the UK Government was only endorsing 200 people per year for the Tech City(now Tech Nation) Visa and just like anyone trying to get endorsed by Tech Nation as an exceptional talent in order to get the Visa, I spent a lot of hours googling “Tech City Exceptional Talent Visa Guidance” or “Tech Nation Exceptional Success Story” and searches relating to that so I could find articles from ordinary people (not companies) giving personal and professional guidelines as to how to apply effectively based on their experience getting endorsed BUT I didn’t really see much information from people.


Most people who get endorsed do not bother creating content to help others, they just enjoy their stay in the UK.

So, I said to myself that when I get endorsed, I will dedicate a section of my blog to bring awareness to the Exceptional Talent Visa so people who didn’t know about it can know about it, people who are planning on applying can get valuable and actionable insights and also they could gain more confidence applying because they are reading personal advice, guidelines and insights from someone who has walked their paths and succeeded.


I Started Blogging About Tech Nation Visa.

When I came back to London on my Exceptional Talent Visa, things started moving fast so I forgot about my promise to create content around the Tech Nation Visa until one day a guy from Egypt sent me message congratulating me on my endorsement and then asking me loads of questions about the visa process, what he should do, what types of documents he could use and a lot of questions.

I took time to answer all his questions and even sent him an email with some more guidelines. I did this with joy in my heart because I had been in his position and I knew how thirsty for advice or insight from someone who had succeeded in getting the tech nation visa I was back then and couldn’t find.

That message I got was a reminder to me of my promise to start creating content so that same day (February 4 2018), I wrote my first post about the Tech Nation Visa and I titled it “How I Got and How To Get A UK Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa Endorsement” I made use of questions the guy from Facebook asked me to form skeletons of topics I touched and I then sent him the link because I knew it had more answers than I might have given him.


This single blogpost is the most read article on my blog and it has generated me a lot of connections on LinkedIn, Quora, Medium and a lot of emails from people from all over the world thanking me for the insight and also asking me loads of questions.

Being the content creator that I am, I started to break down the whole Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa scheme and started creating well detailed content and even videos of the most important aspects of the visa and the process. (Yes, I spend my own money to shoot and edit videos just to make things more personal and be able to explain things text cannot explain)

Trust me, I have been enjoying it! I get lots of messages on LinkedIn and my email almost everyday from people thanking me for the value I have been dishing out with these Tech Nation Visa content.

People were thankful for the posts and videos but they wanted more! Humans always want more personal help! What was a fun thing to do has almost turned into a consultation service costing me hours in the day and taking me away from my main job that pays my bills.

I cannot count the number of times I had to send people my personal documents as a guide for theirs’ and also had to go through theirs for sections I could advice them on to better their application.

Being an entrepreneur, I knew that my time, knowledge, expertise and experience is worth money! People pay me thousands of pounds to create online presences for their brands, run social media campaigns for their businesses or give their businesses a brand identity. They pay me for my time, knowledge, expertise and experience in the field. This is my main gig and it puts food on the table for myself and family.


I am self-employed and have always been since I was 19. So, I didn’t have fancy jobs where I earned a lot of steady money and then started living or running my business on monies saved whilst working! No, I started with nothing and still hustle all day to build my empire.

Looking for a way to turn this new found “fame” if you will that is making me spend hours within the day replying to people from all over the world into a source of income, I knew there were 2 things I could do.

I could either offer paid consultation whereby people paid me to review their documents and application pack and also give them constructive advice OR I could create templates of all the required and mandatory documents needed for the Tech Nation Visa application and offer that as a digital products where people could get access to and make their life much more easier and I can actually do both!


This would save me a lot of time, it would make the applicants be able to model their application after a successful one and also give them a much stronger chance and also bring in some type of revenue for my effort, time, resources and expertise.

I knew from the moment that I put up the sales page I would attract competition.

Since I already had a following on my blog for the Tech Nation Visa, I created banners on my blog and directed interested people to the landing page where they could learn more and if interested could get access to the premium templates and videos to save them time, headache and money!


My life of creating and developing opportunities is on course as I now am able to do what I love and my appointment as BLACK LINKS GLOBAL AMBASSADOR means I am positioned to be able to achieve a lot more